Friday, August 3, 2012

Another way of getting free drinks in Meatpacking...

Last night was Katherine's last night in the city and to celebrate we had an amazing meal at Spice Market. And by "amazing" I mean "orgasm in your mouth" status. Seriously New Yorkers, you gotta check this place out. Be sure to get the ginger fried rice and the garlic noodles & tofu. Perfection.

Anyway, after dinner we wanted to keep it low key. A few minutes of wondering around, a clumsy trip on the cobblestone, and some tempting "free bottle service and cover" offers later, we decided a mellow roof top night sounded ideal.

As we approached the Gansevoort, two young lads walked up to us and asked if we would like to "join them for free drinks" on the rooftop. Seeing as we had this exact scenerio in mind already, we figured a free drink or two would be a nice touch.

As we followed them to the door, the bouncer looked at me and asked "How many in your party?". "Uhh, I guess 4? These guys want to bring us up and buy us drinks." After the bouncer chuckled and hesitantly agreed to let the guys in with us, it was at that moment we realized we had just been made victims of "quid pro quo: meat packing style."

"Have a good night. And make sure these guys buy all your drinks."
-pleasant Gansevoort bouncer.

So, that's how it's done. Did we end up hanging out with these guys after the first drink? Nah. Instead, we adversely possessed a VIP table and relaxed on a comfy couch as we enjoyed the amazing views of both the city and the lovely eye candy that surrounded us. Made a few friends, had a few drinks, averted a few rapists, and in the end had an amazing last Thursday night in this incredible city.