Sunday, June 10, 2012

Second Avenue Purse Vodka Crawl

To drink a beer at every bar throughout the night can be a challenge, especially with the amount of bars along Second Avenue. So you can imagine how much harder it was when my cheap ass turned it into a Purse Vodka Crawl because I did not want to spend money on beer. So, to stay true to my practices of not spending a dime when I go out around here, I ordered a club soda and then added a shot of purse vodka at each of the following places:

Pony Bar

Stumble Inn

Brother Jimmy's


And as per usual we ended the night at Uptown Lounge. (Check out the "lightbulb" lamps... so cool!)

After all that purse vodka, the Purse Vodka Dance was performed numerous times during the walk back home. This flash-mob-esque dance is done properly when it is most unexpected, in large crowds of people.

Ladies & gentlemen, I give you: the Purse Vodka Dance.

Total amount spent: $0

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