Saturday, June 9, 2012

VIP in Meatpacking: Dress Up, Drink it Down(for free, of course)

Bars > Clubs

I've been saying that^^ for the past, like, 10 years. And thennnn the Meat Packing District happened. "You girls are fucking hot. Just go to the front of the line."

Ok so combine free alcohol, "VIP" tables, bypassing of ridiculously long lines filled with Eurotrash, and BOOM- you have found the Meatpacking District.

This place pretty much stands for everything I... can't stand. But, where else in Manhattan can you drink ALL night, while being protected from creepers via VIP security?

Or use a table full of top shelf vodka as a foot rest?


Or not get weird looks when you drunkenly decide it is a good idea to dance on top of some table?

...All for free.

This is how it's done: Go out and find yourself a Tel Aviv-ian promoter friend. He will blow up your phone nightly. But, for that one time every 6 weeks when you actually feel like going OUT-OUT, it will be worth it. And you will have an amazeballs time.

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